Where Rudy Stands

I'm interested in the people of District 5 and our issues, not the politics of Washington. I believe all politics are local, and our district issues need constant attention. Here is where I stand on what matters to our district:


Increasing Senior Care

Rudy cares for his elderly parents, so he knows the importance of caring for our seniors. Rudy wants to streamline and centralize the distribution of meals, personal care products, and medications to the seniors who need it most.



Improving After School Programs

If elected, Rudy would work in conjunction with our schools to help provide outstanding after-school programs for the children of our district.​



Repairing Sidewalks, Streets, & Drainage

Damaged roads and poor drainage are major infrastructural issues that plague District 5. As your city councilman I will work to improve both our roads and drainage to prevent flash flooding, help encourage migration to District 5, and make our district more friendly and inviting to small businesses.



Attracting Development That Works For Us

Any thriving community needs to grow and expand economically. Rudy believes the introduction of responsible development in our district would create an abundance of good, high paying jobs, for all District 5 residents.



Creating Educational Opportunities & Workforce Development

Rudy would offer more educational opportunities and expand workforce training to make sure that all of our residents have the skills and opportunities to find, and keep, a quality job.



Providing Reliable & Affordable Internet

Internet access is a crucial part of our lives - now more than ever. Rudy wants to ensure that every resident of District 5 has reliable and affordable internet access.