Why Rudy Lopez?

   Rudy Lopez is a seasoned public servant and native resident of District 5, who is asking to represent you as your City Councilman. Prior to retiring, Rudy was a civilian who worked for the San Antonio Police Department for 25 years. His neighbors also selected him to serve as his neighborhood association’s president for the last 4 years, and he was appointed by Shirley Gonzales to serve on several city commissions. Thanks to this long and distinguished career, Rudy has invaluable knowledge of the city’s inner workings and would make a highly efficient city councilman. 

    Rudy is someone who knows how to get things done. As president of his neighborhood association, Rudy helped court the development of one of the first emergency hospitals in District 5. He has also successfully pushed for the further funding of roads and sidewalks - a focus he would maintain as a city councilman. 

    Rudy is more than an idealist, focused only on lofty goals that ignore the needs of the community. He will build a district bursting with healthy development, quality schools, and economic growth. This will be made possible through Rudy’s actionable policies like increasing opportunities for higher education and workforce training, creating resilient infrastructure and enforcing city codes, and encouraging a safer community through increased police presence and the cultivation of active neighborhood associations. Rather than stand idly by, Rudy believes under his leadership, we can take strides towards a more impressive, more vibrant, and more culturally rich District 5.

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